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Welcome to Teachers Media Lite Teachers Media UK

Teachers Media Lite for teachers, school leaders, educational assistants, pre-service teachers – everyone involved in teaching and learning.

Take responsibility for your own professional learning using our high quality resources.

Learn effective teaching strategies and ideas from outstanding teachers. Observe inspiring classroom practice with added advice from experts.

Develop a deeper knowledge of pedagogy and continuously upgrade your skills.

Using Teachers Media Lite means your professional learning can be continuous throughout the year; anytime, anyplace.

Inspirational videos

An extensive library of broadcast quality videos featuring teachers in classrooms; organized by grade band, subject, role and whole school issues.

Topics include:

K-12 Subject Related Content and Strategies - Assessment for Learning – Early Learning – Literacy - Numeracy - 21st Century Teaching and Learning Skills – Inquiry-Based Learning - Global Citizenship – Technology - Coaching & Mentoring – Leadership - Inclusion – Differentiation -Supporting New Teachers More

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Sample resources

  • Introducing Teachers Media Lite

    A short video explaining how the Teachers Media Lite service can help your personal professional development

  • Rescued by Rover

    Ideas to help students understand structure and narrative in Language Arts

  • Chessboard Algebra

    Sharing great practice on elementary maths strategies

  • Poetry Research - Jigsaw Groups

    One of selection of training starters

  • Chemistry - Conversion of Mass

    Demonstrating short, snappy chemistry experiments

  • Self Assessment and Peer-to-peer Marking

    From the Boost Your Teaching series. Expert advice and guidance on key aspects of training

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  • Teachers Media Newsletter        What's this?