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Welcome to Teachers Media Plus  Teachers Media UK

Teachers Media Plus – the online staff development subscription service that allows schools to plan year round collaborative professional development activities that have visible impact in the classroom.

The Teachers Media Plus service widens the scope of staff development by allowing CPD leaders and trainers to build an embedded program that supports school goals and teacher professional learning throughout the year. The service includes the full Teachers TV library.

The subscription service offers cost effective, sustainable support for in-school staff development, reducing the cost and disruption of off-site training.

Subscribing to Teachers Media Plus means all staff will have year round access to exclusive content, features and tools, as well as all the content in Teachers Media Lite.   Find out more

Teachers Media Plus – 21 day trial

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Sample resources

  • Introducing Teachers Media Plus

    A short video explaining how a school or training subscription can be a cost effective staff development resource

  • Small Group Work

    Classroom management skills for newly qualified and teachers in training

  • Light Investigations - Seeing in the Dark

    A sample from 100s of short videos for use in professional development sessions

  • Football Skills Punctuation

    Award winning teacher Phil Beadle shows inspiring ways to teach grammar

  • KS3 Literacy Intervention Strategies

    One of 12 inspiring leadership training videos

  • Dry Ice - The Magnesium Sandwich

    How chemistry experiments can be performed safely in the classroom

Teachers Media Plus – Free 21 day trial
  • Teachers Media Newsletter        What's this?

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